Real-Time Data = Increased Production

SCI Automation offers process control and full turnkey automation systems with 24 hour service and support since 1996.

Increase productivity with SCI Automation solutions

Increase Productivity

Your employees’ time is money. You need them to be as effective and efficient as possible. Imagine one pumper or operator capable of tracking and managing up to three times as many well locations. As you travel the country trying to manage processes, you can now securely access your reports and real-time data on all your locations, regardless of where you are.

SCI Automation helps decrease downtime

Decrease Downtime

Downtime = lost revenue. You need the ability to not only respond immediately to equipment and process failure, but foresee and prevent the failure from occurring. You’ve got to find ways to increase the lifetime value of your equipment. Improving your failure response time can mean the difference between a five minute fix and a multi-day shutdown.

Use SCI Automation to help minimize liability

Minimize Liability

Insurance premiums in every industry are increasing, and there is no end in sight. The costs associated with the liability from human error need to be minimized wherever possible. Process Control removes the headache of hoping the job is done right, every time, and can significantly reduce liability and insurance premiums.

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