Our experienced safety professionals and company training programs assure that SCI employees are protected while they’re on the job. Job sites can be hazardous, safety regulations are constantly changing, and the cost of workers compensation insurance seems to rise daily. SCI minimizes these risks by ensuring our employees are fully trained on safety policies, customer procedures, and government regulations. Our team members are licensed as well as OSHA and MSHA certified. Our goal is an accident-free workplace where employees are safe and projects are completed on-time, and with the highest quality.

Constant planning and daily reinforcement are key to SCI Automation’s safety program. Proper safety procedures are crafted for each jobsite, where daily pre-task meetings and job hazard analysis ensure that each task is completed safely. Safety professionals conduct ongoing training by holding weekly safety meetings with each crew. Our drug-free workplace policy keeps each employee focused on safety. All SCI employees are required to participate in pre-employment, random and post-accident drug testing.

Our training keeps our employees safe and our customers’ jobs running smoothly.  We are proud to partner with and provide automation solutions to clients who also emphasize the importance of safety in every aspect of the job:

“Hi Guys,

I have to report every incident no matter what, and todays H2S alarm went up the chain fast! The upper echelons were very happy to hear that Stop Work Authority was used when there was a need for it. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first day on the job, or if you have been out there for 30 years, you have the right and responsibility to stop work if something sounds, feels, tastes, smells, or looks unsafe! No one here will complain about Stop Work Authority even if it creates some extra paperwork.

This reflects well on SCI and there are several people here, including me, that are proud of the crew and their response to an unsafe condition today!

Thanks for all of your hard work every day!”

Ross RowleyMeasurement Lead