While SCI has been providing cutting-edge technical solutions to the oil & gas industry for more than 20 years, production companies are currently showing a lot of interest in taking control of their chemical costs through highly accurate monitoring, control, and pump by exception programming.

These control features are delivered via a chemical injection skid that can be customized and integrated into the existing process, and will work with the existing instrumentation onsite, whatever it may be.
Chemical Injection Skid Features Include:

Reduce Chemical Costs / Saving Time & Money

– Chemical optimization

-Controlled Injection Volumes and Inventory

-Verified delivery of product at the Injection Point

– Track Chemical with flow meters that are highly accurate down to 0.00105669 quarts

Monitor Chemical Tank Levels

-Tank Level

-Tank Gain and Loss values daily

– Built in alarming

-Low Level Alarms (alerts to when we need more product)

-Loss of Level Alarm (alerts if X amount of volume is removed in Y amount of time)

-Tank leak detection

-Pump fail to run

-Injection not sensed at injection point

-Meter No Flow alarm

Valve Control

-Ability to control or monitor production valves status to only inject when needed



-Ability to add an In line H2S analyzer to actively inject H2S chemical based on a live reading and a Ratio setpoint.

Pump Productivity

-Pump run-time (compare against meter total, use for preventative maintenance)

– Pump Control Modes

-Batch Mode

-Continuous Mode

-Rate Mode

-Ratio Mode

– Reduce number of pumps on one location

-Utilize pump to cycle through multiple injection points

– Built in back-up

-Can trigger a backup pump if first pump fails to run

-Use meter to accurately measure product injected

-Daily, Weekly, Monthly Totals per each point of injection

Plug Chemical Injection Skid into existing PLC , Control System, Panel RTU

– Modbus RTU

– Modbus TCP/IP

– Preprogrammed and read to go

– Customize skid to work with your existing hardware (panel, pump, power source)

– We can help install if needed

Communication Options

– Serial

– Ethernet

– Radio

– Cellular

Data Options

Integrate into HMI of your choice (Cygnet, ClearScada, WonderWare, FactoryTalk, etc) for trending, reporting, alarming, etc.

Other programmable Options:

– RTD to monitor Ambient Air Temperature to Automate Methanol Injection

– Cold weather control

– Monitor temp

– Skid battery voltage, (useful for solar applications)

– Current Transmitter on electric pump to monitor Amp draw and verify run status

– Pressure Transmitter at the injection point to ensure product made it to that point

Other services commonly provided to oil & gas clients include:

  • Oil, water, and gas measurement
  • Tank level
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Pump-off control (POC)
  • Solar, mechanical, and thermal power
  • Tank sites/farms
  • Production sites and transfer sites
  • Water facilities and gas facilities
  • Gas plant and compressor monitor/control
  • Pipeline measurement and flow control
  • Water injection

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